Tiffanie Roberts

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I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, where I grew up with a younger brother and two hardworking parents who had both dedicated their lives to teaching. After my father retired, he went on to start his own business. I met my husband, Aaron, while working as a lifeguard and and swim instructor in high school. I attended the University of Arizona where I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences in Sociology. 


I have always had a passion to care for children, and this led me to pursue a career in child welfare work.  Throughout college I interned for Child Protective Services splitting time between investigations and ongoing casework in the Sexual Abuse Unit. After graduation I was a caseworker at the Linden House co-ed shelter for teens on probation. My job was to care for troubled teens, work to reunite them with their family, and provide them resources and skills to help them move forward. 


Following Linden House I worked for Catholic Social Services at St. Nicholas Adoptions as a child welfare social worker in special needs adoptions. This work provided some of the most heartbreaking, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life as I worked to find adoptive homes for abused and neglected children after all attempts to reunite them with their biological families failed. This job exposed to me the lack of funding, resources, and programs for children and families in these difficult circumstances.  

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After living outside the country for a few years for my husband’s training, our family moved to Ohio in 2004. We have lived in several parts of the state but chose to settle in Dublin eight years ago with our daughters Isabella (18) and Kaitlyn (17).


I have spent my career developing relationships with my clients and their families and helping them find solutions to the struggles they face. Over the years I have encountered problems that as a child welfare worker, I could not fix. Issues with healthcare, education, support systems, and resources, to name a few. I soon realized that I could do more to help.  As a child welfare worker, I could only work to improve a few lives at a time.  If I am elected, as your representative, I will implement policies to improve the lives of all Ohioans.  I will empower social workers and all those who work with underserved populations to ensure they have the proper resources to help families.  I will protect our public schools to ensure that they have a proper education and a pathway to a better life.  Above all, I will listen to the needs of my community because I am here to serve you.


I will not only listen to, but truly care about the needs of those in District 86.  I will work to bring bipartisan solutions to the House that provide more educational and economic opportunities, safe and healthy communities, and the best quality of life for your children, your families, and mine. 


Tiffanie Roberts

- For Ohio House District 86 -

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