Tiffanie Roberts is a mother and advocate who is tired of meaningless slogans and empty promises.  She is ready to fight for change to improve the quality of life for her community.

Health Care

In the middle of a public health crisis, Ohioans should not be struggling to get access to affordable health care.  We need to pass legislation immediately to lower the cost of prescription drugs and ensure that every Ohioan has access to the lifesaving treatments that they need.  Tiffanie will protect Medicaid expansion from attacks by extremists who do not believe in science or medicine.

Small Business

Small, local businesses have seen a drastic drop in revenue because of COVID-19 that has caused many to close their doors.  It is appalling that small businesses are shutting down while major corporations receive bailouts and pay next to nothing in taxes.  Tiffanie believes that we must work with the business community to develop solutions to reform the tax code to encourage small business growth and new job creation right here in Ohio - not overseas.


As a parent, Tiffanie truly cares about the quality of, and access to, education in Ohio.  She is tired of for-profit institutions taking taxpayer money away from our public schools.  Our children deserve to be given every tool that they need to succeed. Quality education is one of the biggest predictors of life outcomes.  Union and Marion County residents know the importance of investing in public education, and we cannot allow the state to undermine that investment.  Tiffanie wants the best for the children of our community and is committed to ensuring that our tax dollars go toward updated textbooks, classroom technology, and teachers - not lining the pockets of for-profit institutions.

The Opioid Epidemic and Holistic Care

The opioid epidemic has devastated our state and continues to impact far too many of our communities.  We have made progress, but we cannot stop fighting until our communities have recovered.  At this point, many of us have loved ones that have been affected by opiates; we must stop treating addiction as a criminal issue and ensure that they have access to the care they need to recover. No child should grow up parentless because of our failure to take action.

Delivering Results

In the midst of record unemployment and a global pandemic, Tracy Richardson has chosen to take a summer vacation rather than fight for Ohio’s citizens.  Unlike Richardson, Tiffanie Roberts is all about taking action.  She is a dedicated activist who has spent countless hours at the Statehouse to bring attention to issues that are close to her and her community.  She will work to bring bipartisan solutions to the House that provide more educational and economic opportunities, safe and healthy communities, and the best quality of life for our children and our families.  Tiffanie Roberts will deliver results for our community.

Tiffanie Roberts

- For Ohio House District 86 -

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